The Daily Addicts are pleased to meet you. We look forward to getting to know each other better.

Carrie Kwan_240x240Carrie Kwan

Carrie is the Founder of Daily Addict. She’s an uncanny ability to uncover social experiences and must-have things that interest and inspire. Consider her your go-to-lady (you have on speed dial) to reveal the lesser-known gems compelling you to get more out of life.

She’s passionate about learning and finds curiosity in most things – new ways to dine, resurgent skills and evolving trends, and has a wide appreciation for inspired human endeavours. Carrie is an avid believer that you’re a better person when you consider yourself as a sponge for good experiences – whether being involved in-person or from hearing about others’.

Carrie spent ten years working in corporate PR and Communications, five of them in London, before launching Daily Addict in January 2008. She’s travelled extensively across Europe, loves digital, works in a Louboutin loving space in Sydney and has a soft spot for figs, papaya smoothies, robust coffee and Boon chocolates.

Amy Gee

One of five girls, and an identical twin, Amy comes from a long lineage of chatterboxes. She likes to talk, laugh, eat – not necessarily in that order and sometimes all at once. A Public Relations & Communications professional (currently a foodie PR) she’s worked in old Blighty for a six months stint.

Q.  Who inspires you the most?
A.  My friends and family are a constant source of inspiration. Their energy, entrepreneurism, and general fantasticalness, never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Q.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
A.  SUGAR – I have a chronic sweet tooth. I’ve been known to demolish a whole packet of chocolate-coated scotch fingers in one sitting <guilty>.

Q.  What are you currently addicted to?
A.  Ricotta and honey (on anything). Coffee at Klink. Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. Sitting on my balcony overlooking the beach.

Karen Lawson_240Karen Lawson

Karen’s corporate job includes an enviable task of entertaining clients in some of the best restaurants. This ultimately sparked a curiosity ‘Just how do they do that?’ (she confesses she was brought up on meat and vegetables, so this was all very exciting). Currently a Mr & Mrs Smith ‘Tastemaker’, she’s flashpacked around the world, learning about wine, experiencing different cultures and cuisines and had a two- year love affair with it all. Originally from England, she finally settled in Australia and continues to be besotted by food, wine and travel preferring to focus on the luxury end of town (hot running water in bathrooms please).

Q.  Ultimate holiday destination and why?
A.  I have travelled extensively so have a good perspective on our amazing
 earth! I personally adore Bali. It has authenticity of culture, diverse 
landscapes, a range of different boutique stays (love luxury villas), focus on
healing, amazing food and some of the world best chefs! Oh and it’s a relatively short hop from Sydney.

Q.  What are you currently addicted to?

A.  Travel and Food – I have a permanent addiction to Penang Curry and having 
contributed to a major food guide, I am still searching for the best salt n’
pepper squid. I order it everywhere. You can also add the search for the next 
best food and luxury travel experience, FOMO is a terrible thing (Fear of 
Missing Out)


Hannah Ongley_240Hannah Ongley

Hannah decided to move to Sydney from New York on a whim, and ended up here two weeks later. If she’s not sitting in bed frantically writing stories and drinking cups of English Breakfast, she’s probably out buying shoes and Mexican folk art.  
Hannah has strung together copious spell-weaving sentences for Oyster Magazine, NO Magazine, AND Magazine and FASHIONZ.

Q.  Ultimate holiday destination and why?
A.  New York because ever since living there for nine months in 2010 I can’t stop thinking about it.

Q.  What are you currently addicted to?
A.  The spicy Bloody Marys served in old tomato cans at The Norfolk.

Lisa PerkovicLisa Perkovic

Lisa used to use Sydney as a base to drop off souvenirs before heading off on the next adventure but these days she’s got her feet almost on the ground, with a desire to try every high tea in Sydney and a cute cavoodle puppy at home. Travel writer, photographer and Kitchen Aid freak, she loves to eat, bake and write.

Q.  Who inspires you the most?
A.  Anyone who can enter Haighs without wanting to buy everything in sight

Q.  Ultimate holiday destination and why?
A.  Anywhere with white, white sand and bright blue water. I don’t often get to go on holiday and just read a book or go for a swim. Usually it’s go, go, go. A day by the beach is heaven.

Q.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
A.  See above.

Q.  What are you currently addicted to?
A.  Puppy accessories. For my cavoodle puppy.




Annalise Tromans

Having lived in three countries by the time she was 12, Annalise has learnt to embrace new experiences and to make the most of what each city has to offer. Within months of finishing her Bachelor of Mass Communications at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) – Annalise moved to the wonderful city of Sydney.

Q.  Ultimate Holiday Destination
A.  Give me white sands and crystal clear water any day! Lying by the pool in the morning, heading off for a snorkel in the afternoon and sipping cocktails at moonlight – yes please.

Q.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
A.  Desserts – I have to end every meal on something sweet and delicious.

Q.  What are you currently addicted to?
A.  Online shopping – I can’t go a week without seeing what’s just in and what’s now on sale.

Irene Lee

Q.  Who inspires you the most?
So many people, but a stand out is Anthony Robbins. His words are simple but profound. He continues to teach me how I can be a better person.

Q.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
I love collecting Nerf. I just find them fun. My favourite is my modified 0.5 Cal Barrett.

Q.  What are you currently addicted to?
I’m addicted to learning. It actively makes me feel like I’m growing exponentially as a person. If I’m not growing, I’m dying.

Q.  Ultimate holiday destination and why?
Tokyo, Japan. For the wicked culture, latest technology, variety of shopping and of course the awesome snow season, which I have yet to experience.